July 19th, 2016

One of Circonus’ most powerful features is CAQL, the Circonus Analytics Query Language. With an easy-to-use query builder, it opens up the flexibility of Circonus by allowing users to write their own queries, providing a versatility that wouldn’t be possibly with GUI pre-set options alone. It also formed the foundation of our analytics alerting and forecasting. We’re continuously expanding the capabilities of CAQL, and the CAQL Reference Manual includes a list of CAQL expressions that is automatically generated and regularly updated.

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Last week, Theo Schlossnagle wrote a blogpost on LuaJIT and the Illumos VM. This one gets a bit technical. Circonus uses LuaJIT a lot, and this post explains why we use it so extensively. However, using LuaJIT and Illumos introduce a host of challenges, from pointer compaction to limited heap usage. This article explains how Circonus bypasses those limitations, because our full stack engineers use a variety of tricks to make sure the application has room to grow.

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Heinrich Hartmann’s presentation at Monitorama PDX 2016, “Statistics for Engineers,” was very well received. Although a lot of good engineers are confident in their expertise about their systems, they don't have a strong background in statistics. They can make sure their systems are running and collecting data, but how can they can be confident that their data is meaningful? Heinrich provides a foundation in the “art of extracting information from data.” A recording of the presentation, and many others, are available on the Circonus Support Site.

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Our very own Dr. @heinrichhartman delivered a great talk today at #SREcon on Statistics for Engineers.

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